Friday, January 31, 2014

2014 02 03 WTKM Talking Points (Feb 3rd 2014)

IMHO sensational: A working, usable office suite online!

Yahoo! Mailusers urged to change passwords to something secure and unique (on Yahoo)

after security breach and theft of account login details!

Yahoo! serves virus infected Ads! No risk for my customers, they all have Adblock Plus!
I have said it thousands of times: Do not use Yahoo_anything.

SpyEye's creator arrested in Georgia. Worst banking trojan ever decapitated.

FileZilla FTP client versions 3.7.3 and 3.5.3 proven to be virus infected.

An epidemic of a new kind of malware; see:
       PuPs - No Virus But just as Nasty  and
       How Malware Gets Installed

Many more scam phone calls claiming computer infections.
Microsoft (and MS affiliates) do not know about us!
Do not let them work on your computer!
Do not give them any credit card information!

Intel will drop McAfee name and software sometime this year. Finally...

Many more scam emails claiming undeliverable packages, renewals of all sorts, product keys
et al.

Windows 8.1 IMHO only cosmetics. Pressureto create a Microsoft accountmuch increased!

Neiman Marcus: 1.1 million cards stolen!
2,400 were abused quickly for fraudulent purchases.
POS terminals were virus infected!
Win XP? Your risk of virus infection is MUCH higher that of Win7/ 8 � for now.
Micro$oft will supportSecurity Essentials on XPuntil July 14 2015!
Just shy of 30% PCs worldwide still on XP

Apple released major security updates. Who says Apple MACs are safe?

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