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A reference list for how to get your paper published in a journal

Writing a journal paper is not easy and too many problems you will encounter such as selecting a proper research methodology and even a topic to start with. In the following list, the references will be shown based on the process of writing a paper.

In this stage, you probably are thinking which topic to start with.

  • Choose a topic 

Choose a topic you are interested in and try to Google it in the Google scholar. You will find previous studies.

  • Have a ResearchGate account

I will recommend you have a account of ResearchGate and then you will have free access to many referred journal articles (some following reference links will lead you to them).

  • Know how to use reference software
I am a user of Endnote and you could find some tips in my another post

  • Learn how to process your data

For a quantitative research, you could see my another post


  • How to present your results
For descriptive method, you can see this article for cross-sectional data.


  • Submit your work to a journal
Using a checklist to help you: Checklist for Manuscripts to be Submitted to Scientific Journals.

  • Respond the reviews

A Scientific Approach to Scientific Writing

This article will continuously be updated and I welcome anyone of you to post your experience here.

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