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R graphical user interface (GUI) for people from beginners to professionals

You may consider R as a big calculator running on different operating systems (Windows, Apple, Unix...). The original interface for R is too simple, so many interfaces are developed for different needs. I will introduce three interfaces of R for people from beginners to professionals.

R commander- Running R like SPSS 

SPSS is probably the most popular point-and-click statistical software.  R commander has similar function like SPSS and is very suitable for SPSS users or R beginners. Some examples could be found in the book, Discovering Statistics Using R and the book,  Using the R Commander: A Point-and-Click Interface for R.

RExcel- Running R within Excel

If you still feel uncomfortable about using the unfamiliar interface, why not trying using R within Excel?   RExcel is just the add-in of Excel and you can use R to run more complex models just using Rexcel without seeing R. It also works seamlessly with R commander. Check the book, R through Excel , for more details.

RStudio- Running R like a pro

Once you are more familiar with R codes, Rstudio is a great interface for debugging and integrating all the materials together.


Of course, some professionals prefer more functions like using colors to discriminate different codes. Another interesting function of Tinn-R is that it provides the function that let you copy the format of the code (including the color) for MS-Word like the following figure.

Recently, BlueSky Statistics offers an open source version of GUI for R. Might worth trying as well.

You can also try to use Sublime text.

Page last updated on 22 June. 2018.

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