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Learning R for FREE: Free online resources

R is an open-source software package and rapidly increases its popularity in both industry and academics. Google trend is probably the best tool to show you how popular R is since it allows us to rank the search interest among five major statistical software packages. You can clearly observe that R has been the top search interest since 2011 and continues to maintain its top place.
Many authors of the following resources inherit this open-source spirit: they are willing to put their contents online and let everyone can learn R for free. In this post, we collect many free online resources to help you learn R for FREE. Notice that these resources are offered in a different form of format such as videos, books, podcasts, or purely just texts.  We classify these resources based on their formats for fitting your learning styles.

1. R Courses (with videos)

2. R Books

3.R Journals

4. R Q and A

5. R Podcasts

The following first three podcasts are talking about the news about R while the others mainly involve the applications (data science, finance, ... ) in R.

6. R tutorials 
This type of learning resources provides some step-by-step procedures to learn R. One trait about them is that these resources are usually offered in the form of texts instead of videos like R courses above. These resources are mainly written by many bloggers. 
7. R news
Page last updated on 14 Dec. 2016.

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